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Marble Bar Tops

There is one word for marble bar tops, and that is ‘breathtaking.’  Marble is a beautiful, elegant stone that is reminiscent of royalty and palaces.  Choosing marble bar tops for your New Jersey home or business is one of the best decisions you can make, both aesthetically and financially.  Stone Tech is New Jersey’s premier marble importer, and we’ve been in the business for over 20 years.  With over 5,000 different slabs in more than 200 colors, we provide our customers with options, value and only the best quality.

Marble is not only a highly impressive stone, but it is one of the most beautiful natural stones available.  There are many benefits of choosing marble bar tops for your NJ home or business – and below, you will find a few of those benefits explained in-depth.

Marble Bar Tops are Easy to Clean and Maintain

It’s a common misconception that marble is difficult to maintain.  It’s actually very easy to care for and can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.  For areas that are more difficult to clean, a gentle marble cleaner will work wonders.  While marble does require minimal care, it is not complicated or time-consuming, and it’s more than worth it.  When professionally polished, your marble bar tops will be stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Since marble does not naturally harbor bacteria or microorganisms easily, it’s healthier to use than more porous bar top materials.  Marble bar tops are very easy to clean and maintain, making marble one of the top choices for this kind of design element.

Marble Bar Tops are Extremely Beautiful and Unique

If you love to have design elements in your home that are exclusively yours, you will love marble bar tops.  Marble varies from slab to slab, meaning that each one is unique – so when you place marble bar tops in your home, they are like paintings or sculptures in that they are unique and even valuable pieces of art.  In fact, by placing marble bar tops in your home or business, you can even increase the value of the home or business!

Marble anywhere in the home or place of business is quite impressive, and conveys elegance, personal style, taste and class.  Simply by choosing the correct color and pattern, you can change the way the entire room looks – and with the available patterns and colors, it’s not difficult to find marble bars that perfectly complement your existing or planned colors and décor.

Marble is a truly beautiful stone that is becoming more and more popular in New Jersey and the US.  From marble bars to other interior or exterior elements, it’s a wonderful choice for many home design projects.  Stone Tech has a proven track record of client satisfaction and providing high-quality marble bar tops and other products to customers.  Let Stone Tech help you in your home or business design needs today.