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Marble Fireplaces

For New Jersey homeowners with a remarkable sense of style and taste, marble fireplaces are an outstanding choice.  They have the ability to instantly improve the look of the room you place them in – and even increase the value of your home.  Marble has long been used and thought of as a symbol of status, class and refined taste.  From beauty and style to uniqueness and cleaning ability, marble fireplaces have many benefits that should definitely be considered.

Design Aspects and Beauty of Marble Fireplaces

One of the greatest things about marble fireplaces is the variety of colors, patterns and styles available.  There are thousands of different colors and since each slab of marble is different and unique, the pattern possibilities are endless.  This makes it very easy for you to choose a slab that will perfectly complement your home and the room you will put the fireplace in.

From corals and pinks to emerald, chocolate, golden and more – there is a perfect color and pattern for every style and personality.  Because of the differences in each individual slab, marble fireplaces are actual works of art.  Each one is different and unique – making them very desirable in NJ and all over the world.

Durability and Strength of Marble Fireplaces

When you select a gorgeous marble fireplace and make such a wonderful investment in your home, you want to be assured that it will last for a very long time.  Marble fireplaces are so strong and durable that they are very likely to last longer than the home they are placed in.  Because marble is so durable and tough, it is one of the most ideal natural stones to use in both interior and exterior design.

With just a little upkeep and maintenance, your marble fireplace will stay beautiful and very impressive for many years to come.  Since most marble used for homes is polished, it becomes even stronger and more resistant to stains.  It’s very difficult to damage marble fireplaces, making them the perfect kind of fireplaces for a den, guestroom, bedroom or anywhere else a homeowner might like to place one.

Ease of Cleaning and Caring for Marble

Polished marble fireplaces are quite easy to clean – with just a few squirts of warm water and a soft towel to wipe it off; you can keep your fireplace immaculate.  There is virtually no other maintenance you have to worry about with marble fireplaces.

Stone Tech is New Jersey’s premier marble importer – with over 5,000 slabs and more than 200 colors to choose from.  We handle the cutting, polishing and fabricating of marble fireplaces so there is no need to fish about for different companies.  With over 20 years of experience, we have an exceptional track record for very pleased customers.

There are many benefits of marble fireplaces, and many benefits of choosing a company like Stone Tech.  With the experience, knowledge and professionalism you trust – we’d love to help you choose the perfect fireplace today.