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Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles are becoming more and more popular with New Jersey homeowners.  As the unique benefits of marble are realized, the popularity grows.  While marble was once thought of as a material too expensive for residential homes, people are now realizing that the investment in marble tile floors actually saves the homeowner money in the long-run.

Stone Tech is New Jersey’s premier marble importer – receiving slabs from quarries all over the world.  With more than 5,000 slabs and over 200 colors, it’s easy to find the marble floor tiles you want.  There is a plethora of benefits that come with marble floor tiles – from the unique and immaculate beauty to the cleanliness and durability.  Below, you will find some of the benefits of marble floor tiles that make them so popular.

Marble Floor Tiles Create a More Sanitary Environment

Marble is one of the strongest stones found in nature and when professionally sealed, is quite non-porous.  This fact brings a few different benefits into the picture with marble floor tiles.  For one, the marble is much less likely to stain than some other materials and secondly – marble does not harbor dangerous germs and bacteria the way other material can.

This means that your home stays cleaner with regular maintenance of your marble floor tiles.  A quick sweep and then a cleaning with hot water and a soft towel is usually all you will need to maintain the luster, beauty and charm of your marble floor tiles.  For more difficult messes, a gentle cleaner approved for marble will do the trick.  Marble helps keep your entire home cleaner and healthier – that’s a great benefit, especially if you have or plan to have children.

Marble Floor Tiles are Beautiful and Unique

Most individuals that love marble do so because of the unique and artistic quality of the stone.  It is available in a myriad of different patterns and colors – from deeply veined to speckled, splotched and even without much pattern at all.  The colors of marble range from muted beige, white, silver and tan colors to bright emerald, coral, crimson and so much more.  This makes it easy to find a pattern and color to coordinate perfectly with the existing or planned décor of your home – and one that fits your unique sense of style and personality.

Marble placed in any room of the house instantly brings an air of beauty, elegance and stateliness to the room.  It is quite impressive and can make a dramatic difference – even if nothing else in the room is changed.  In fact, adding marble floor tiles to your home can even increase the property value because the look is so popular.  It’s a wise investment in any home and will be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Stone Tech is a family owned marble and granite business with more than 20 years worth of experience.  With professional cutters, polishers and fabricators – all the work is handled through Stone Tech so there’s no need to hire another company.  This makes it easy and pleasant for you to have gorgeous and elegant marble floor tiles laid in your home.