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Marble Vanity Tops

Choosing marble vanity tops for your home is a very wise idea.  Aside from the elegance and beauty of marble, it offers many other benefits for homeowners.  For this reason, marble vanity tops are quite popular in New Jersey and throughout the US.  Stone Tech is NJ’s premier marble importer – providing marble vanity tops and countertops for homeowners in surrounding areas.  Below, you will find out a bit more about the benefits available with marble vanity tops.

Marble Vanity Tops are Easy to Clean and Care For

While many think that marble is difficult to care for, it’s not.  When marble vanity tops are professionally polished, they are more resistant to stains and scratches.  They can also be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water or a gentle marble cleaner.  They require minimal care and the small amount of care they do require is definitely worth it.  Marble has been used for centuries both in interior and exterior design.  One of the reasons marble has been used so extensively is the ease of maintenance and the small amount of care needed to keep the marble looking immaculate and impressive.

The Strength and Resilience of Marble Vanity Tops is Matched by Few Other Natural Materials

When individuals make an investment in marble vanity tops, they receive peace of mind knowing that their beautiful marble will still be around many years from now.  The strength of marble is matched by few other natural materials, making it one of the best materials to use for countertops and vanity tops.  While homeowners who have chosen ‘cheaper’ materials will spend more money replacing their countertops, the homeowner who invests in marble vanity tops will save money in the long run.  This is just one more benefit of choosing marble vanity tops for your home.

Marble Vanity Tops are Both Beautiful and Unique – Creating Functional Art in Your Home

There aren’t many other natural stones that are as beautiful as marble.  This is one of the largest points considered when homeowners in New Jersey have marble countertops and vanity tops fabricated.  Marble is available in thousands of different colors and patterns, from clean and elegant whites and beiges to deeper jewel tones such as emerald, crimson and coral.  The look of the marble varies from slab to slab, meaning that homeowners receive unique and functional pieces of art when they have marble vanity tops fabricated.

This is one of the most alluring points of marble – it is elegant, classy and very tasteful.  It is also very easy to match your marble countertops with the existing décor and colors of your home.  Stone Tech receives marble slabs from quarries all over the world, and our overseas suppliers ensure that each and every slab is premium quality.  This allows us to pass the most beautiful, elegant and high-quality marble on to our customers.  With over 20 years worth of experience in the marble industry, we wouldn’t have it any other way.