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Granite Bar Tops

If you’re considering granite bar tops for your home or business, you should know it’s a very wise choice.  Granite is not only striking in appearance – it is one of the best choices for strength and durability.  By choosing granite bar tops, you’re making a very wise investment in your home or business – and will save money in the long run.  Rather than replacing your bar top every few years, you will be enjoying your granite for many years to come.

Stone Tech is New Jersey’s premier granite and marble supplier, providing granite bar tops to wise customers – among many other types of granite and marble goods.  Below are just a few of the unique benefits available to those who choose granite bar tops over other types of available materials.

Granite Bar Tops are Long-Lasting and Strong

Unlike many other materials available, granite will endure the typical abuses that bar tops typically receive.  Whether it’s in your kitchen and will be exposed to hot pans and knives, or in the bar where it will put up with sliding glasses, spills and more – you can be sure that your granite bar tops will last for a long time.  Granite is scratch and stain resistant, making it the ideal material for bar tops.  It doesn’t chip or crack easily and will most likely still be standing when the bar is not!

Granite Bar Tops are Beautiful and Unique

When many individuals think of granite, they envision the more common black, speckled variety.  However, granite is available in just about every different color of the rainbow.  Your granite bar tops can be white, beige, green, pink, red and black – and will come with many different pattern variations.  From barely noticeable splotches and veins to deeply ingrained ones – granite is absolutely one of the most attractive natural stones in existence.

This makes it very easy to coordinate your granite bar tops with your existing décor – whether your design is warm and full of color and pattern, or cool and relaxing, with minimal pattern and icy colors.  No matter what kind of personal style and unique taste you have, there are granite bar tops that will fit perfectly.  Stone Tech receives granite slabs from all over the world, each hand-chosen for its premium quality and beauty.  We have over 5,000 different slabs in more than 200 colors to ensure that there is something that each client will find breathtaking.

Granite Bar Tops are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Granite is anything but high-maintenance.  It’s extremely easy to care for your granite bar tops – in fact, in most cases all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth.  It will not take much to keep your granite bar tops looking immaculate and impressive.  The great thing is that you can have your bar tops finished in a shiny luster, matte finish, and in a variety of textures.  The options granite provides are priceless to New Jersey homeowners.