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Silestone Bathroom Countertops

Stone Tech offers silestone bathroom countertops which will help your bathroom have a stylish and elegant look. Silestone bathroom countertops are tough a durable and made with a mixture of quartz and other raw materials.

Our professionals here at Stone Tech are here to lead you in the right direction while deciding on your silestone bathroom countertop. With so many styles of silestone to choose from, Stone Tech wants to make you feel comfortable and confident that you are making the right choice on installing your silestone bathroom countertop in your home. Take a look below for a few benefits of silestone bathroom countertops!

Scratch/Damage Resistant

Silestone bathroom countertops are so tough and durable that they will not be damaged easily. Silestone is one of the toughest crystals therefore it will not scratch easily. Silestone is also very easy to care for and maintain therefore your bathroom countertop will continue to look beautiful with minimal care. It is important to occasionally clean your countertops however silestone is easier to clean than other materials.

Because silestone is a non-porous surface, your bathroom countertop will have low absorption levels which prevents stains from water and hygiene products that you may use in the bathroom.

Design Choices and Options

With silestone, there are many different options and choices for bathroom countertops.  From different types of finishes based on your own style to every color – you’re able to find exactly what you want when it comes to silestone bathroom countertops.  Stone Tech wants to give you plenty of options because we know how every homeowner has different taste and preferences on bathroom countertops.

Silestone bathroom countertops are practical, affordable, durable and attractive.   Adding Silestone countertops to your home can increase the value.

Stone Tech has been providing superior quality countertops to customers for over 20 years – and we’re one of the few certified Silestone fabricators in the New Jersey.  With all cutting, polishing and fabricating handled by Stone Tech, you can make getting new Silestone bathroom countertops easy and rewarding.

Silestone Colors Available: