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Quartz Countertops

Stone Tech offers quartz countertops which will help your home gain a unique and beautiful look. Quartz countertops are tough a durable and made with a mixture of quartz and other raw materials. Our professionals here at Stone Tech are here to lead you in the right direction while deciding on your quartz countertop. With so many options to choose from, Stone Tech wants to make you feel comfortable and confident that you are making the right choice on installing a quartz countertop in your home. Take a look below for a few benefits of quartz countertops!

Scratch/Damage Resistant

Quartz countertops are so tough and durable that they will not be damaged by regular kitchen activity.  From chopping vegetables right on the counter to placing hot pans on the surface – the countertops will still look beautiful and immaculate.  This is a large improvement from the scratches, stains and damage typical countertop material (such as butcher block or Formica) would accumulate.

This allows you to save money because you won’t have to replace those countertops due to damage.  With just minimal, general care – your Silestone countertops will look beautiful even many years from the fabrication date.  You have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve made a great decision and a wise investment in your home.

Design Choices and Options

With Quartz , there are many different options and choices for homeowners.  From different types of finishes based on your own style to every color in the rainbow – you’re able to find exactly what you want when it comes to Quartz  countertops.  Whether you want to perfectly offset your earth-toned kitchen in olive green or add contrast to your sizzlin’ kitchen or bathroom with stellar fire red – you can do it.

Quartz can have the appearance of granite, with flecks, small veins and splotches.  With the combination of design and colors, the homeowner has a plethora of choices to help make his or her kitchen absolutely beautiful and ensure that it coordinates wonderfully.  With deeper, jewel tones for a dramatic effect – or light and airy beige and white colors, you can find exactly the sort of countertop you’re looking for with Quartz .

Quartz  countertops are practical, affordable, durable and attractive.  This combination makes them very desirable.  In fact, adding Silestone countertops to your home can even increase the value.  Stone Tech has been providing superior quality countertops to customers for over 20 years – and we’re one of the few certified Quartz  fabricators in the New Jersey.  With all cutting, polishing and fabricating handled by Stone Tech, you can make getting new Quartz  countertops easy and rewarding.

Quartz Colors Available: